vinnyposeJames “Vinny” Molino

Owner/Business Manager
ASFA Certified Trainer
Masters Business Administration


I believe that Personal Training is dedicated to providing an all-inclusive training program that inspires people to go beyond their natural abilities. Because I view each client as a unique individual, I create a ground-breaking personal program for each person independently.  I have always kept myself on the cutting edge of physical fitness, philosophies, and technologies through advanced studies. I pass this information to my clients to enhance and maximize their workouts with proven results that promote better health.


As a competitive bodybuilder and personal trainer, my desire is to do everything possible to help each individual client achieve his/her own personal health/fitness goals. We at No-Bull Training recognize that there are no “cookie-cutter” workout programs that are perfect for everyone. I believe that I am a Training Partner with each individual client and together we will motivate, encourage and realize each clients greatest potential.


I decided to open a Personal Training Company, after growing tired of the “gym scene” and listening to Personal Trainers who not only did not look like personal trainers but also knew nothing about anatomy. Together with my business partner, we opened “No-Bull Training”; a Personal Training Company that will foster only highly qualified Personal Trainers. They will always be experts in sports nutrition and conditioning, but also they will be highly qualified in post-rehabilitation training and facilitating clients to achieve their fitness goals.