On June 18th I competed for the light heavy weight title at the Virginia Gran Prix. I knew very little about dieting or posing so I approached Tony and Vinny for a little assistance to prepare for the show. I placed 3rd out of 5 competitors in an NPC national qualifier, which is saying a lot since I was 21 and the rest of the competitors were in their 30’s.

During these 16 weeks of dieting they got my weight down from 233lbs to 189lbs. I’ve never worked with anyone who has put that much effort into working with me and supporting me especially backstage.

I am forever grateful for everything that they did and getting me into the best shape of my life! Thanks NO-BULL TRAINING!

-Danny “GUN SHOW” Hobbs


Growing up I was always tall and underweight. Starting in middle school my pediatrician put me on 6month weight checks, where I had to come in and be weighed to make sure that I was not too underweight. I had my thyroid checked once in middle school and then again once I hit puberty in high school and was still not gaining any weight. However, my thyroid was fine. The doctor determined that I just had a fast metabolism after these results and having me log what I ate, and seeing that it didn’t seem to matter what or how much I ate the weight still didn’t pack on. Once I graduated , my family practice doctor once again said my weight was a topic of concern. She put me on protein supplements and still no difference, I was actually losing weight at this point. This is when I decided to look at going to the gym because my doctor was telling me I had to start doing something.

When I joined the gym not knowing the first thing about what I was doing I sat down with one of the owners of No-Bull Training and began sharing my goals of gaining weight. I thought I was probably the only person that ever said that but to my surprise he shared with me that he had similar issues. So, I signed up for three months of training and little did I know it would change my life. When I started training I was 5’7’’ and 106lbs and using only body weight. By the end of my three months I had gained 10lbs of muscle and lost 1% body fat, and was stronger than I ever thought I would be.

No-Bull Training was definitely training with positive, life changing results for me. It has been just about a year since I started training and I have learned the skills to continue lifting on my own. I have been able to maintain my results and gain another 4lbs putting me at a grand total of 120lbs. Not only am I happy with my body for the first time but my doctor is happy with my healthy weight gain and I am now off of 6month weight checks!

-Amanda Burleson

I have worked out in other gyms before, I have worked with other trainers before, however nothing like No-Bull Training.

I sat down with them and told them exactly what I wanted to do and my time frame. In 10 weeks they made it happen!

Not only did I lose over 20lbs, I feel like I made some great friends. Vinny and Tony treat you like a true friend. Work with you and teach you what you need to do and how you should do it. They also explain why you should do each exercise.

They want to make me successful and I love every minute of training with them.

The hard work, the knowledge and the experience I would never trade for the world.

I just kick myself for not doing this sooner.

At 45 yrs old, I can say I am in the best shape of my life and I look forward to my training and what’s to come.

I recommend No-Bull Training to anyone that has aspirations of changing their life……FOREVER!!!

Thanks guys for making me successful!

-Tommy Venters

I am a 53 year old male who has been going to a gym regularly for the last several years.  I play soccer and stay very active.  I have been told I was in good shape for someone my age.  I noticed the trainers of “No-Bull Training” working with different age groups and seeing the changes in the bodies that they helped.

After talking with Vinny, I decided to try their approach.  Vinny and Tony have worked with me to fine tune my workouts.  The differences in doing the work correctly versus just doing the work are remarkable.

After just a few months and a few sessions with them and “No-Bull” I am running the full 90 on the soccer pitch and now I am told I am in great shape, not for someone my age but just great shape.  The work is hard but the results are worth the sweat and effort.

No-Bull gives you the one-on-one training that is needed to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly, getting the most out of your time, and you don’t get injured.

-Steve Jackson

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