October 14, 2013

  • amandaslide

Growing up I was always tall and underweight. Starting in middle school my pediatrician put me on 6month weight checks, where I had to come in and be weighed to make sure that I was not too underweight. I had my thyroid checked once in middle school and then again once I hit puberty in high school and was still not gaining any weight. However, my thyroid was fine. The doctor determined that I just had a fast metabolism after these results and having me log what I ate, and seeing that it didn’t seem to matter what or how much I ate the weight still didn’t pack on. Once I graduated , my family practice doctor once again said my weight was a topic of concern. She put me on protein supplements and still no difference, I was actually losing weight at this point. This is when I decided to look at going to the gym because my doctor was telling me I had to start doing something.

When I joined the gym not knowing the first thing about what I was doing I sat down with one of the owners of No-Bull Training and began sharing my goals of gaining weight. I thought I was probably the only person that ever said that but to my surprise he shared with me that he had similar issues. So, I signed up for three months of training and little did I know it would change my life. When I started training I was 5’7’’ and 106lbs and using only body weight. By the end of my three months I had gained 10lbs of muscle and lost 1% body fat, and was stronger than I ever thought I would be.

No-Bull Training was definitely training with positive, life changing results for me. It has been just about a year since I started training and I have learned the skills to continue lifting on my own. I have been able to maintain my results and gain another 4lbs putting me at a grand total of 120lbs. Not only am I happy with my body for the first time but my doctor is happy with my healthy weight gain and I am now off of 6month weight checks!

-Amanda Burleson

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